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A wallet is a woman’s second best friend next to her bag. Knowing how important this leather accessory is, Hermes thought of a way to carry a wallet in style by introducing their newest Hermes Camail Wallet. A walking rainbow of colors, let’s go take a more detailed look.

A long combined wallet in multicolored Epsom calfskin leather that is perfectly matched with silver and palladium-plated zip, the Hermes Camail Wallet is a sight to behold. Why? Who would have thought that owning a wallet could be this fashionable? As you can see the wallet sports multiple colors not only on the outside but also on the inside! Aside from its colorful facade, it also features effortless access with its easy snap closure.

The inner flap is in citrusy lime color while its edges is in light zephyr color and a malachite green color is visible when the wallet is closed. Looking inside, the wallet opens up into a burst of colors! The outside body of the wallet is in creme and the edges around it is in malachite green. The inner flap on the other hand is in azalea pink color while the inside compartment is in bright poppy hue.

Its closed measurement is 17.5 x 11 cm and is priced €1700 euro, £1560 via Hermes boutiques.




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Hermes is known for its luxuriously well-crafted bags but little by little, its wallets are finding their ways to the fashion spotlight. Take for example this little beauty right here; it’s the Hermes Constance Long Wallet with Colored ‘H’ Clasp.

Made from Epsom and refined silver plated palladium, this long wallet is the one you’ll be reaching for from your bag. With several bills and card compartments and a zipped coin purse in the middle, this one is perfect for stashing your hard earned money.

Look stylish anywhere you go as you pull this from your equally fancy bag! Say good bye to fashion boo boos as owning a wallet never looked this plush!

In general, the Hermes Constance Wallet is not easy to find, it likes to hide like the Birkin and Kelly, hunting for this wallet is like finding Easter Eggs. But once you own one, you will proud forever.

Another thing that you’ll notice with this wallet is that it has the ‘H’ clasp in the same color as that of the wallet. Measuring 20.5 x 13 cm, priced at ¥654480 JPY via Hermes boutiques.


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Hermes Medor Pochette 23 Clutch: $5150 USD

Hermes Medor Pochette 23 Clutch in Noir and Veau Swift.

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Meet one of Hermes’s playful and colorful accessories from the Tutti-Frutti Collection. This collection was released in the Spring Summer 2016 Collection. But we’re diving deeper, taking you a look at the inside.

The words Tutti Frutti means ‘All Fruits in Italian, which is a various chopped, colorful and usually candied fruits. This is often used for making Tutti Frutti ice cream flavors. But anyways, now you know where the inspiration came from.

First of all, we know Hermes never disappoints us with their leather choices – this Hermes Hermail Tutti-Frutti Wallet is crafted from Swift Calfskin and Mysore Goatskin. The front of the wallet is decorated with a lemon-shaped leather strap closure.

The interior is nice as well, there is a large compartment with plenty of spacious for your coins and paper money, there are credit card slots as well.

And so, spark some playfulness into your bags with this wallet. Measuring 5.5’ x 7.3’, priced at $3500 USD.



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Fall-Winter 2016 Womens & Mens Hermès: First Look

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From Hermès’ Fall-Winter 2016 collection comes so many beautiful things that I’ll be honest, I still know nothing but here’s a sneak peek anyway because I’m a firm believer that #goodthingsmustshare.

From the Octogone bag in Epsom calfskin leather that comes with the Rocabar strap to a rather curious ID-card sling strap that comes with a shark motif (the same motif also appears on the Bolide45 and other accessories as well), it’s a collection that’s fun and unexpected, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but very ‘youthful’ as well.

Take, for example, the Grrrr! cashmere and silk scarf  featuring an adorable bear designed by Alice Shirley that’s also actually cute. And then there are the bracelets, simply known as bracelets in Swift calfskin that come with a newly imagined bijou strap, which can be worn stacked and come in various interpretations, from square/round studs to square perforations and even double tours, all varied takes on the original Collier de Chien.

Last but not least (for now, anyway), the Gambade earrings, featuring house symbols that also come in the form of necklaces and bracelets in rose gold and a sprinkling of diamonds that according to Hermès, are perfect for ‘everyday wear’. Yes, if I were the heiress to an oil fortune but that’s another story for another day. For now, just enjoy the pieces and I’ll be back with more updates (and even more bags and accessories) soon.

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Not All Hermès Bags are Birkins: A Primer

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